My name is Shaun and I am a Bournemouth local

What you should know

My name is Shaun Smith and I am a personal trainer local to Bournemouth.

My primary goal is to provide the good people of Bournemouth with the ultimate personal training experience by offering the best opportunity and advice to help be successful in the area of health and fitness and achieving their goals.

Over the years I've had to adjust my body to be able to compete at high level competitions such as building muscle and improving fitness to play in the National Football League (NFL) as well as extreme dieting, losing body fat to compete in national mens physique competitions.

You don't have to believe in yourself, just believe in your personal trainer!

Here’s What I Specialise In

Fitness services for every goal

Personal Trainer Bournemouth weight lifting


Body transformation is a process of building strength, toning up and developing a physique that you can be proud of.

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Personal Trainer Bournemouth training core

Strength &

Strength and conditioning is ’the physical and physiological development of athletes for elite sport performance’.

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Personal Trainer Bournemouth doing jump squats

Sports Performance Training

Sport specific athletic performance coaching is training designed specifically for individual performance enhancement.

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My Location & Contact Info

I am located in the heart of Bournemouth

I am located in Bournemouth town centre and provide personal training to clients in and around the surrounding towns of Christchurch & Poole.

I also provide personal training to clients in other parts of the UK with travel expenses applied.

My personal training hours are Monday – Friday 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM and Saturday - Sunday 07:00 AM to 06:00 PM.

If you’d like to contact me please go to my contact page or call me now on +44 7791 461030

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