Sports Performance Training

Become a champion by conquering the enemy within

What is sports performance training?

Sport performance training is a specific training designed specifically for individual performance enhancement.

It works to build up areas of weakness such as strength, speed or flexibility, whilst also ensuring that lifestyle behaviours outside of the gym are in line with performance goals, for example by developing recovery strategies or improving nutrition.

Sports performance training can also be developed in order to improve functional movement patterns in order to support the multiple physical demands of life.

How can I help you with sports performance training?

During a sports specific performance training program I first identify areas in need of improvement. I then talk you through a plan and gradually work on the areas that you want to improve.

Alongside the strength based work, performance training programs I involve elements of training that aim to enhance the specific energy system or systems that you need for your sport.

For example, with footballers, I work to train the muscles and energy systems that are needed at certain time frames during a game.

Such specific training will not only ensure that you are fully prepared for your upcoming sporting season, or next year of life, but will also help to use training time effectively, control training load and reduce injury risk.

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Sports Performance Training Case Study

Case study coming soon!

Sports Performance Training Plans & Prices

  • Single session £35
  • 5 sessions, 1 per week = £160 save £15
  • 10 sessions, 2 per week = £300 save £50
  • 15 sessions, 3 per week = £420 save £105
  • 20 sessions, 4 per week = £540 save £160
  • 25 sessions, 5 per week = £650 save £225
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