Strength & Conditioning

Pain today is your strength tomorrow

What is strength and conditioning?

Strength and conditioning is ’the physical and physiological development of athletes for elite sport performance’.

It is all about maximising an individual’s physical qualities so that they can complete their sport to the best of their ability, without getting injured.

Strength and conditioning is a brilliant addition to every training plan because every exercise has a purpose, and is carefully built into a long term, and progressive plan so you can be sure to achieve results.

Modalities such as plyometrics, Olympic lifting and agility work are all employed to create a training plan that is fun, and to develop a robust and powerful athlete.

Strength and conditioning is supplemental training, which is built specifically to develop physical attributes that cannot be optimised on a playing field, around a track or in any other sporting context.

How can I help you with strength and conditioning?

Strength and conditioning coaches, like me, work with clients to improve athletic performance, usually through development of speed, strength, and power.

I will help to accelerate your development and inspire success through supervised sessions and tailored, systematic training programs.

Supervision not only helps to ensure that you will complete your workouts using proper techniques to avoid injury, but I will also provide motivation to keep workout intensities high.

At the end of the strength and conditioning program, I will take time to talk to each client individually, discussing achievements and future performance goals to ensure that progress continues.

Strength & Conditioning Case Study

Case study coming soon!

Body Transformation Plans & Prices

  • Single session £35
  • 5 sessions, 1 per week = £160 save £15
  • 10 sessions, 2 per week = £300 save £50
  • 15 sessions, 3 per week = £420 save £105
  • 20 sessions, 4 per week = £540 save £160
  • 25 sessions, 5 per week = £650 save £225
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