Body Transformation

In a few weeks you will thank yourself

What is body transformation?

Body transformation is a process of building strength, toning up and developing a physique that you can be proud of.

Body transformation is a process that is different for every individual, depending on goals, and current training status.

Through a step wise approach, body transformation allows you to build a stronger, healthier and more athletic body.

Not only will you look great, but by increasing lean muscle mass you will not only be able to complete everyday tasks much more easily, but your metabolism, bone health and immune system will all be given a boost.

How can I help with your body transformation?

As with any change, body transformation can be difficult when done alone, especially because successful and long lasting body transformation can take time. However, with a coach like me, who is there to guide and motivate you throughout your body transformation journey, the challenge becomes much more achievable and enjoyable.

I have developed the SSP body transformation program so that it can be tailored for each individual, but I always base the program on an evidence based exercise plan, easy to follow smart eating guidelines and adequate recovery periods.

I have learnt through my personal experience that what you do outside the gym influences training outcomes, and so I encourage each client to eat well and to respect rest.

In addition, throughout your transformative process, I will be there to motivate and encourage you to work hard to realise your objectives. I will help you to develop the attitude that you need to get through the tough days, so that you can achieve your long term body transformation goals.

I strive to become the go to place in Bournemouth for body transformations. Make an enquiry today, and see what I can do for you and your body.

Body Transformation Case Study

Case study coming soon!

Body Transformation Plans & Prices

  • Single session £35
  • 5 sessions, 1 per week = £160 save £15
  • 10 sessions, 2 per week = £300 save £50
  • 15 sessions, 3 per week = £420 save £105
  • 20 sessions, 4 per week = £540 save £160
  • 25 sessions, 5 per week = £650 save £225
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